It is not because things are difficult that we do not dare;
it is because we do not dare that things are difficult.
— Seneca, Roman Philospher


Lead Academy stands for positive leaders, thriving employees, and extraordinary performance. We are convinced that positive leadership is, in large part, an acquired skill that can be developed. We partner with people in organizations to create thriving workplaces where employees are actively engaged and achieve exceptional results. 

Our programs are ideal for highly successful business leaders seeking to optimize their potential and to develop engaged, performing, and energized teams. They help unlock and enhance the latent resources in individuals, the critical positive skills and strengths that drive sustainable results, and thriving employees and workplaces. Each program aims to provide the most stimulating and supportive environment for interactive, intensive, and in-depth learning, practice, and personalized real-time feedback so that you are ready to apply the newly acquired skills at work right away.


Positive LeaderS: Leading self

Before you can lead others, you have to lead yourself.

Our belief is that leadership is largely a learned skill. Leaders are the engines of extraordinary performance when they promote a positive environment, positive relationships, positive communication, and positive meaning. What makes a great leader? Leadership experts Kouzes and Posner argue that leadership is about caring, about relationships, and about what you do. Their research found that only one factor significantly differentiated the top managers: high scores on affection, warmth, and fondness toward others. Simply put, we work harder for people we like.

Today’s workforce expects more than a paycheck as employees want to be empowered and engaged by meaningful work and supportive leaders. This strengths-based program will allow you to:

  • refine your unique leadership style
  • learn the key elements to achieve success through people
  • explore what employees expect of you
  • develop the mindset that leads to superior performance

POSITIVE TEAMS: Leading others

A company’s greatest competitive advantage is an engaged workforce.

Companies with higher numbers of engaged employees have lower business costs and improved performance outcomes such as higher productivity figures and customer rating, less turnover and absenteeism, and fewer safety incidents. We work with organizations to set a strong and effective culture of teamwork that allows people to flourish by supporting human natural tendencies to behave in effective and healthy ways and pursue excellence.

This program will be of benefit to professionals with direct reports by providing a better understanding of a strenghts-based approach to leading teams. You will learn to:

  • develop team and individual resilience
  • connect people to work that is meaningful to them
  • create a supportive environment

positive Organizations: Leading the modern workplace

People join good companies and leave bad bosses.

Research shows that meeting basic people needs for autonomy, competence, relatedness, and meaning fuels loyalty, engagement, and performance. Positive organizations provide the context where employees can thrive. They have the power to lift every employee up because context is like organizational soil that helps people grow. We work with leaders in organizations to apply behavioral science for optimal functioning through the own REVAMP framework that focuses on enhancing Relationships, Engagement, Vitality, Achievement, Meaning, and Positivity.

This program will show you how to:

  • build and strengthen high-quality connections that energize and respectfully engage others
  • communicate supportively to enhance energy, learning, trust, and commitment
  • work more collaboratively within teams and leverage collective strengths
  • define an action plan for positive leadership (vision, presence, expertise, or role modelling and developing others)

positive Customer Experience

Few experiences are as powerful as a human connection.

Do you consistently provide positive experiences to your customers? Better still, do you create a great memory of your experience in the customer's mind? While the customer is not always right, his perception and memory of the quality of his experiences with your organization is what ultimately matters. The interpersonal experience is often the great differentiator because, in the end, the customer experience is mostly about human interaction.

In this program you will learn how social and emotional intelligence and neuroscience can help you improve the customer experience. You will:

  • explore how people skills and high-quality connections can become a competitive advantage that increases performance by enhancing customer service and loyalty
  • learn the skills to engage customers and build trust
  • handle difficult conversations and manage customer complaints in a way that reinforces the relationship