The workshop was valuable because I’ll be able to use the learning in practice.
So much information but very easy to follow and digest. Thank you for your energy!
The workshop was so thought-provoking and interesting. Everyone seemed so engaged.
Your Learning Lab ... really made an impact on me. I left that day feeling reassured in myself and armed with tools to charge my way through to the next stage of my life. You have honestly changed my thinking and my approach to my life and I thank you for it. I look forward to taking your wisdom and applying it to my life.
More workshops would be so very beneficial for work & life. Extremely well done!
This workshop was very valuable, and I hope to share some of your insights with other people in my life.
Which parts of this workshop were particularly valuable to me ? ALL OF IT !
Viewing the tapestry of colors representing the variety of positive attributes that our staff possesses gives me a greater understanding of how we work so well together in serving our clients and how we can continue to do so.
Robert is one of the most interesting and engaging trainers I have ever had the privilege of meeting. He is clearly a subject-matter expert and presents material with enthusiasm and genuineness.
Learning about my own strengths and the diverse strengths of my coworkers will help me better perform my job and support my team and other coworkers in the jobs they perform.
You created a positive emotional space that is important not only for us but for the people that we meet every day.
I appreciated the many opportunities to share our thoughts with each other in small groups and group-wide.
The presenters are wonderful -clearly sincere and authentic!